Learning through active play

We all know exercise is good for us, but did you know that it increases your mental capacity? That’s right. By growing your physical body, you grow your mind! For our little ones who naturally move all the time it is so important to give them the space and time to engage in active play. Ball Basics uses this knowledge as the foundation of all our classes. We have a large indoor space and a wide variety of sports equipment to challenge, extend and grow your pre-schoolers body and mind.

We begin with a structured pattern of activities to make your little one feel safe and secure. Through music and games, we practice alphabet and numbers, use balls to balance, and move through an obstacle course to develop agility.

Each week a new sport is introduced to the children. We focus on Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, Netball, Basketball, and Javelin. Throwing and catching a variety of balls, kicking, hitting, aiming and running are all covered in context of the chosen sport.

Through the ball sports children are learning to listen, follow instructions, take turns, follow rules, use memory, and relate to others in a team environment.

Most of all they are enjoying the opportunity to move through space, laughing and running, playing games with new friends and experiencing the joys of active play.

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